Bangkok Dusit Medical Services is one of the most prestigious hospital networks in the Asia-Pacific region. BDMS provides world-class medical care to around 2 million international patients annually, complemented by the latest medical technology and qualified doctors.

The Campaign

Celebrating 45th years of a strong connection with its customers, Over the past years of service, BDSM wanted to give something back to society. They have the idea of raising healthcare awareness for people on both online and offline platforms. Selected by BDMS, Ideabranch was proud to be a part of the campaign by delivering the messages through the requested platforms.

The Challenge
The bigger the challenge ,the bigger the opportunity.

The real challenge for us was to deliver the message to the mass audience on digital banner displays in all branches of the hospital. How to get more eyeballs to look at our messages. We use the power of visual communication by creating Infographics and Infomotions, to grab attention from the large and various type of audience offline. With the online social media platform, we mainly use Facebook to spread out our content.