The precious Maurice Lacroix (Swiss watch maker) have been produced with utmost precision and perfection by experienced watchmakers in own watchmaking facilities since 1975.

The Campaign

“Chase your watch” the campaign let participants hunt down Aikon watch. The treasure hunt game has been succeeded in major cities such as Tokyo, London, Berlin, and Los Angeles. By giving out clues for participants, they would figure out where the mystery black and yellow box contained valuable Aikon watch is and find it to be a winner. A phenomenon that lets you own the Aikon watch.

The Challenge
The bigger the challenge ,the bigger the opportunity.

From organizing the online campaign and create a conversion rate to the event, live streaming on the date of the event and producing the digital media, Ideabranch was in charge.With a series of social media, clues had been revealed through the Maurice Lacroix Facebook and Instagram accounts. It had gain attention increasingly from both social media platforms.The live event was going smooth due to the “register first and join us on the date” strategy. There was no chaos of the crowd running around trying to get the treasure box since we had limited the number of participants to only 100.