OTOP Nawatwithi Community Travel Project, with nawatwithi meaning “innovative life”. Its presented goal is to use the OTOP brand to develop tourism in rural and lesser-known areas.

The Campaign

To create awareness for OTOP Nawatwithee, Ideabranch start with the website renovation for distributing media. From producing digital media and contributing to the content-based website showing updates and activities to the community including backend supports to help with better control of clients’ media and channel

The Challenge
The bigger the challenge ,the bigger the opportunity.

There were four main challenges for Ideabranch: with the limited time in just one quarter, the mass audience to be reached, 3 languages (Thai, English, and Chinese) were needed for the website and loaded information to be created as social media content. We bring the best result in creating digital artworks to attract more eyeballs for the brand.